Sierra Madre Loop



Difficulty: Steep
Terrain: Road
Route Name: Sierra Madre Loop
Distance: 115.32 KM
Total Elevation Gain: 2234M
Moving Time: 7 Hour

About this Route

Are you up for a challenge? If so, Sierra Madre Loop is what you're looking for. Get ready to climb over 2000 meters in this 100km or century route. But don't get scared right away, it's scenic view from Boso-boso all the way up to the Sierra Madre Hotel is indeed worth the climb and effort!

The Sierra Madre Hotel is the mark that you've finished this route. Bring lots of water and be sure to pace yourself during the whole ride. It is a loooooong and tiring one. This route is also the closest one in Metro Manila, it starts from Markinina, Marcos Highway. Beginners could also finish this route in a moderate speed.